Reno Spanish School

Welcome to the Reno Spanish School. We equip you to master the art of speaking and teaching Spanish.

Open your eyes to new and wonderful adventures by learning Spanish! Online Spanish lessons are now available in Sparks, Carson, Fernley, Dayton, Truckee, and other Reno suburbs. Learn a new language from your living room and meet new people, take in exciting cultural activities, or increase your job potential.

The Reno Spanish School plans to offer on-site classes at local libraries or community centers, as well as continuing to offer a convenient online program.

Do you translate, tutor, or teach Spanish to children or adults in the Reno area? What teaching methods do you think are best? How do you think adult learners differ from child learners? Share your expertise by filling out the form on this page.

Are you ready to take your future into your own hands and become bilingual? How does learning Spanish fit in with your life goals? Tell us now by filling out our feedback form on this page.